Mission Main Street Grants

First of all, pretty please take a minute to vote for Mee Eat Paleo here: to be eligible for a grant through Chase Bank. It would allow me to build a production facility, hire employees, and decrease lead time on orders. You can only vote once via Facebook and I need 250 votes by Nov 15 to move onto panel deliberation before they award 12 businesses with a grant.  So please VOTE and SHARE! Mahalo in advance!!!

I had such a great time traveling to NorCal this past weekend! Shout out to Catalyst Athletics, NorCal CrossFit & CrossFit Santa Cruz Central for letting me stop by and say hello!

Catalyst Athletics 1

NorCal CF

Jason Khalipa 1

Mee & Steph with one of the fittest on earth – Jason Khalipa! :D

Jason Khalipa 2

So happy I got to meet Jason Khalipa!!!

Matt Chan

Didn’t expect to meet Matt Chan! Yay!

Pat Barber

Another pleasant surprise, Pat Barber!

Annie and Momma Sakamoto

Mee with Annie and Momma Sakamoto :D

Mee and Annie Sakamoto

Mee and my CF hero Annie Sakamoto! She’s the best!

Steph Annie Sakamoto Mee

Stephanie Davis, Annie Sakamoto, Mee Eat Paleo















Jason Khalipa squatting

Got to catch a quick VIDEO of Jason Khalipa squatting :D






















Special shout out to my friend Stephanie Davis for being my road trip buddy! CrossFit friends Jay & Trina got married and I got to revisit my childhood apartment, elementary school, and favorite park so it was a very meaningful trip. :D


The happy CrossFit couple

The happy CrossFit couple

Mee & Steph 2

Steph & Mee all dolled up for Jay & Trina’s wedding


Benton Park

I used to play at Benton Park growing up :D

Pomeroy Elementary School

My old elementary school

Pomeroy playground

New playground at Pomeroy Elementary School


My childhood apartment

My childhood apartment

That's Mee in the middle at my childhood apartment :D

Throwback … that’s Mee in the middle at the old apartment :D



























Still waiting on lab for Pumpkin Spice MeeNut Butter nutrition analysis … apologies for the wait! Soon, I promise!

Reminder, please vote & share!

Mission Main Street Grants

As always, shaka love, Mee :)



san jose collageNORCAL ROAD TRIP! Fri 11/1/13 – Sun 11/3/13

I’ll be trekking up north for a friend’s wedding and will be stopping by NorCal CrossFit at 12pm & Catalyst Athletics at 6pm on Fri 11/1 and CrossFit Santa Cruz Central at 10am on Sat 11/2.

Looking forward to meeting all of you! :)


Aloha MeeNuts!

You may have noticed I am low on product as I am in the process of moving to a new kitchen. Please bear with me through this transition! I hope to be up and running full force again in the next week or so.
Additionally, supplies are limited because local growers are low on crop and I am waiting on new crop …

Mahalo for your patience and continued support!! :)


Come find Mee the MeeNut at WODshop's booth in vendor village!! :)

Come find Mee the MeeNut at WODshop’s booth in vendor village!! :)

Aloha! Just a reminder that will be selling Paleo MeeNut Butter at their booth at The CrossFit Games this weekend Fri 7/26 – Sun 7/28 at The Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA!

Be sure to find at vendor village and stock up on Paleo MeeNut Butter and all your other CrossFit needs. One stop, WODshop! I will be floating around the booth as much as possible and I’d love to meet you!

Shaka love, Mee :)



First off, I want to thank all of you that were such pillars of encouragement for me this week! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and advice. It was a complete win/win as I was totally encouraged and someone scored some free MeeNut Butter in the process :) ! Muchas shakas to you all!

I’ve got some rad news – I am going to be on the radio tomorrow morning! :) Tune in to Everybody’s Hungry segment on Tom and Sandy’s 805 on News Talk 1590 KVTA at 7:30 am for your chance to win a couple jars of Paleo MeeNut Butter! Yay, the giving continues!

My great friend Linda at CrossFit RepScheme gave me this recipe eons ago and I am just posting this now as I’m baking for the show. Seriously the world’s easiest MeeNut Butter cookie recipe. Takes about 10 minutes, start to finish ;) . I modified some stuff but they turned out ok, whew! Thanks Linda for sharing!
meenutbutter cookies


From Linda @ CrossFit RepScheme

Prep Time: approx 2 min
Bake Time: approx 8-9 min

Preheat oven 350 degrees F. In a bowl, slightly beat 1 large organic egg. Add 1 cup MeeNut Butter, approx 1/4 cup organic raw honey (I used about 2-3 tbsp and it was great), 1 tsp pure vanilla extract. Mix all ingredients until well combined. Spoon 1 tbsp of mixture about 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheet and flatten mounds with the tines of a fork. Sprinkle with a little bit of coarse sea salt and bake for 8-9 mins.

I hope Tom and Sandy enjoy these paleo treats tomorrow and I hope you do too! :)

EBHAlso take a moment to check out Everybody’s Hungry, a food-focused educational and fundraising group in Ventura County that benefits our local food banks. Learn more about them and show them some Facebook love here. :)


2013 cfg wodshopAlso a reminder that there will be MeeNut Butter available for sale at‘s booth at the Reebok CrossFit Games starting Fri 7/26 – Sun 7/28 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Come stock up and say hi! :)


Aloha everyone! As we observe Memorial Day, Iet’s take a moment to thank our true American heroes. It’s the great men and women who serve and protect our country that allow us by God’s grace to wake up each morning, work, play, laugh, cry, enjoy time with family and friends.

I’d like to highlight two men in particular, Curtis and Mark, who I never would have gotten to know if it weren’t for Mee Eat Paleo. :) They are currently serving us out on the field and it gives me such joy share a little bit about them with all of you!

Name: Curtis
Where are you from?: Charlotte, NC
Which branch do you serve and what do you do?: I served in the US Marine Corps. Now I provide Personal Security in Afghanistan.
How long have you served and how did you decide you wanted to join the military?: I served in the Marine Corps for 5 yrs. It is a family tradition to serve in the Military.
What is your favorite part of what you do?: Best part of what I do is working around like minded people.
If you could wish for one thing in a care package right now what would it be? Don’t think; first thing that pops into your head!:   HAHA! You obviously know men too well.. For a care package I love MeeNut Butter and Steve’s Paleo Kits.
As we observe Memorial Day, is there someone in particular you’d like to honor by remembering them and their incredible service to our country?: I served with a great Marine and man named Cpl. John Stalvey. He was killed in Iraq Oct 3rd 2005.


Name: Mark
Where are you from?: Henderson, TN
Which branch do you serve and what do you do?: US Marine Corps for over 9 years (multiple combat tours in multiple wars) and now a DoD contractor still protecting active duty military and DoD Civilians.
How long have you served and how did you decide you wanted to join the military?: Over 9 years in the Marines and 7 years doing the same job as a contractor. Ever since I was a little boy I’d always wanted to join the Marines, to give of myself so that others may be safe.
What is your favorite part of what you do?: Being able to wake up every morning knowing I’ve made a difference.
If you could wish for one thing in a care package right now what would it be? Don’t think; first thing that pops into your head!: CHOCOLATE!!!!
As we observe Memorial Day, is there someone in particular you’d like to honor by remembering them and their incredible service to our country?: I’d like to honor the numerous friends (60+) that made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life so that the rest of us can sleep peacefully in our beds at night. Their families still live with that loss of a loved every day. They continue to suffer in a way that, hopefully, the majority of us will never know.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?: Tell the people you love that you love them every opportunity that you get, you never know when it will be the last time. Honor God in everything you do, without God we have nothing, no matter what material possessions you may have.


Thanks again Curtis and Mark, and all our American heroes, for your service. I pray God’s grace and protection over you.


Thank you to those heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to their families who continue to live strong and live proud.


For you CrossFitters out there doing “Murph” today, take a moment to remember Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, his act of valor, and the sacrifice he made to protect his men and serve our country. Thank you.


BIG NEWS!!! Mee Eat Paleo may have found a new home to call my own in Port Hueneme!! The process has begun to draw up plans for my own kitchen! I covet your prayers that everything would work out for the best! Even if it doesn’t, I trust God is sovereign and something else will work out for me at the right time :) In any case please go to this link (link is below as well) and vote for my wish to help me win a grant that would help me pay for a convection oven to roast more nuts faster lol!!! A legit oven would help tremendously! I need all the votes I can get so PLEASE VOTE ONCE A DAY EVERYDAY ‘TIL THIS IS OVER AND SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Plus tomorrow is my birthday and it would make the best birthday present ever!



RETAIL LOCATIONS Page Finally Updated!


Aloha all!

Due to the high demand of inquiries regarding CrossFit affiliates & health food stores carrying Paleo MeeNut Butter, I’ve finally updated the Retail Locations page to reflect all current locations that [sometimes] keep it in stock. I advise calling ahead before making a trip.

If you would like to be added or removed from this list, if any of the links are outdated or incorrect, or if you have any questions regarding my ambassador program, please Contact Mee. Mahalo!

P.S. I apologize for being so M.I.A. lately but y’all have been keeping me pretty busy in the kitchen … I love and thank you all for the tremendous support! I am also in the process of trying to relocate & expand so I thank you in advance for your patience! :)

P.P.S. I hope all you CrossFitters are having a blast with the Open! I sure am! Do your best, stay safe, and have fun!


Aloha MeeNuts!

Apologies for being a bit M.I.A. lately but I seem to be churning out da buttah in my MeeNut Butter lair 24/7. It’s basically the most awesome problem I could ever stress over. I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support. :)

Click Here to Get 200 Paleo Recipes

But enough about Mee! I’m here to fill you all in on the deal of the century! As you may know, one of my most amazing friends, Civilized Caveman, aka George Bryant, and his cohort Abel James [Fat-Burning Man] had teamed up to produce Caveman Feast: 200+ Tantalizing Paleo Recipes, one of the best Paleo recipe e-books out there. And now it’s being made available for a limited time for $19.95!!! Hello? Best. Deal. EVER. That’s over 60% off!! Do yourself a favor and grab it. Already own it? Buy a copy for a loved one or just share the news and let them know what’s up. Caveman’s recipes are not only delicious, they are easy to follow. Plus he’s my homie and just super rad peeps. :)  You will soon have your homies swooning over your sweet paleo ninja culinary skillz! ;)

Caveman & Mee. When we first met! :) Without him, no one would even know about me, let alone MeeNut Butter!




Aloha all!

Thanks so much for the overwhelming support! I am officially sold out of the Paleo Pumpkin Spice Butter. I’m so stoked ya’ll loved it and it will definitely be back next fall/winter!

Apologies to everyone who missed out :( Thanks again!